Strategic approaches to managing innovation and creativity in organizations

“Critically evaluate strategic approaches to managing innovation and creativity in organizations to achieve sustained competitiveness” (Word Limit: 1800 words with – 10% +)

What is the topic of the essay? (The main area that the essay is about): Businesses creating sustainable competitiveness
What is the focus of the essay? (The topic that you need to write about): Strategic approaches adapted by businesses in the context of innovation and creativity
Instruction words (To show how you have written your essay): Critically evaluate
You are advised to concentrate on the academic literature, however you should also use relevant company examples to illustrate your points. Please ensure the relationship between the companies and the literature is clear.
Innovation strategy
Strategic approaches to innovation at corporate level
Managing innovation and creativity
“Innovate or Die!”
Generic competitive strategies and Innovation
Value Chain Analysis & Innovation
Blue Ocean strategy & Value Innovation:
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:
a. Research, evaluate and present several contemporary debates or issues in strategic management, focusing on the relationship between theoretical work in the field and a range of experience within organisations and industry sectors.
c. Select and explain key aspects of strategy which are complex, coherent and detailed.
d. Coherently collate, critically evaluate and make and justify links between strategy and how organisations implement it, whilst integrating reference to literature effectively within work.
e. Create successful relationships within groups and actively/constructively engage through the provision of meaningful contributions, which is substantially supported by theory, evidence or argument.
f. Identify and meet objectives and actively fulfil own responsibilities whilst engaging others.

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