its an assignment upon producing a new product for Starbucks (Malaysia) in the next 4-5 years. I have already done part A of the assignment. Now I want someone to do part B for me in which you’ll have to think of a product for Starbucks (Malaysia) which would be completely different from the current nature of the business. Basically you have to choose a market that people or companies are looking into these days to capture that market in the coming 4-5 years for example when Samsung got introduced it used to produce something else but later they thought about electronic items/products etc. analysed that market and after 4-5 years captured that market and today we all know what a big name it is. Similarly we have to think something about Starbucks (Malaysia) the same way in this assignment. The topic includes the following sections:

1) Executive Summary (1- 1 and a half page (mention key points found out in the assignment only and this has to be done after the assignment is completed right at the end) )

2) Introduction (Background and problem statement which could be any current problem that Starbucks (Malaysia) is facing and this has to be about 1/2 or 2/4 page)

3) Then a Situation Analysis needs to be made which would include:

1) Environmental Analysis (using the PEST (Political, Economical, Socio – Cultural, Technological) technique and a minimum of 4 Political, 5 Environmental, 4 Socio cultural and 4 Technological points are required for each.

2) Market Analysis

3) Customer Analysis

4) Competitive Analysis

All this needs to be done and this has to be kept in mind that while doing the Situation Analysis, SWOT analysis have to be found within in (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). As explained by my lecturer, Opportunities and treats could be found from Environmental Analysis and Market Analysis and Strengths and Weaknesses could be found from Customer Analysis and Competitive Analysis. Moreover, I need a minimum of 20 Opportunities, 12 Strengths, 5 Weaknesses and 4 Threats.
4) Internal Analysis
5) Mission and Vision of Starbucks (Malaysia)
6) Once the above part is completed, a SWOT table needs to created like it usually is with two columns and two rows and each of the categories should be listed in there with what had been found in the part above and then within 2 pages each category should be explained which means the points that you listed for each category in the SWOT table needs to be explained in detail below separately in order and in a table as well. For example first you explain Strengths than Opportunities than Weaknesses than Threats. Please note this should be done within 2 pages.

7) Marketing Objectives (1/2 page)

8) Marketing Strategies (low cost or high end or what kind of strategy will it be (3/4 page))

9) Marketing Tactics/ Action Plan (4 pages)

10) Monitoring and Control (1/2 to 3/4 pages)

11) Appendices

12) References (Harvard Referencing ONLY)

Please note: any other material you view but you did not put that in the assignment report should be placed in the appendices. It could be anything like tables, diagrams etc.

Moreover, great emphasis is stressed upon facts, figures, analysis and conclusion. My lecturer said that more marks will be awarded if you support your information and findings by giving a diagram of graphs etc. histograms or whatever.

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