Stakeholder Presentation

You’ve completed the pilot for the Section 508-validated application for U.S. Department of Homeland Security field officers. It’s now time to present your post-pilot report to stakeholders in order to secure funding. This is your sales pitch to convince the stakeholders to fund the project for the next five years.
Create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following. Each slide should have no more than 6 bullets; all other context and explanations should be provided either in the speaker’s notes or in a recording of the presentation.
• Summarize your user applicability and needs proposal. Your summary should clearly demonstrate that your data-collection plan was directed toward the appropriate users and was designed to address user needs and minimize user frustration.
• Summarize your software development plan to show how you’ve followed the proper stages for software development, considered all necessary resources, and allowed for appropriate durations of time.
• Provide a brief overview of your prototype to clearly demonstrates you’ve addressed functionality and user needs. Include these features:
• Interfaces.
• Methods for input/output.
• Supported devices.
• Processing of user mistakes and errors by the application.
• Tools to determine programming bugs.
• Automated tools to validate accessibility.
• Implementation of application security.
• User display drawing.
• System process flow drawing.
• Describe how your testing plan validates function, usability, accessibility, and security.
• Recommend that stakeholders fund the project for the next five years by validating that the specifications for the app were met and reiterating the benefits of the app.
• Include no more than 6 bullet points per slide. You may either write detailed speaker’s notes of what you would say if you were delivering the presentation live, or you may record the presentation.

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