Stakeholder Meeting

You have completed your assessment of the need for a new or upgraded telehealth technology and presented your findings and recommendations to executive leaders. Their response to your assessment was positive, and they have asked that you introduce the proposed technology to other key stakeholders. Consequently, you have decided to host a stakeholders’ meeting to promote support and buy in for the new technology. Several people will be unable to attend the meeting, so you have decided to provide those individuals with a video recording of your presentation.

To prepare for the assessment, you are encouraged to think about how you can generate wider stakeholder interest and support within your organization or practice setting for the acquisition of the new or upgraded telehealth technology currently under consideration, based on the results of your needs assessment. Consider who is most likely to have the greatest influence on key project success and who might be a good choice to champion the project. In addition, you may want to begin thinking about how you will approach the design of your presentation slides.

In addition, you may wish to:

Review the assessment instructions and scoring guide to ensure that you understand the work you will be asked to complete.
Review the Guiding Questions: Stakeholder Meeting [DOCX], which includes questions to consider and additional guidance on how to successfully complete the assessment.

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