Speech and hearing science

  1. Identify two factors that affect the frequency of vibration and describe the way in which each factor affects frequency.

a. _____________________________________________

b. _____________________________________________

  1. Elasticityis the restoring force that causes air particles to bounce back when displaced. ___________________ is the force which permits an air particle to move beyond its theoretical “resting” position during vibration.
  2. An amplitude spectrum displays ___________ information as a function of _____________. The amplitude spectrum of a complex periodic waveform is called a(n) _________________. The amplitude spectrum of an aperiodic complex waveform is called a(n) ______________________.
  3. The time it takes for a complex quasi-periodicwaveform to complete one cycle of vibration is called ___________________.
  4. Two 120 Hz sinusoidal waves, having peak-to-peak amplitudes of 0.0008 dynes/cm2and .0004 dynes/cm2are shifted in time by one-half period. These two waves are said to be _ degrees out-of-phase. Describe the waveform that would result if these two sound waves were added together:

TYPE OF WAVEFORM ___________________

FREQUENCY ___________________

PEAK AMPLITUDE ___________________

  1. According to the Acoustic Transmission Line resonance model, the vocal tract can be modeled after a uniform tube which is closed at the _ end and open at the . This system is known as a(n) ____ resonator. It can only be applied to the resonance characteristics of one American English vowel: _.

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