Specific Learning Disabilities and Difficulties (Autism, ADHD)

Specific Learning Disabilities and Difficulties (Autism, ADHD)

Order Description
– Analyse the key theories and origins relating ASD and ADHD
– Evaluate the standing myths, debates and treatments for ASD and ADHD

The Module Examines:
– The definition of ASD as a triad of impairment, and ADHD and ADD
– Theories of ASD e.g. the theory-of-mind deficit, the executive function deficit theory and weak central coherence; theories of ADHD
– Biological and psychological origins of ASD and ADHD
– Myths and debates, for example, refrigerator mothers, MMR
– Treatments for ASD and ADHD, for example, diet, drug therapy and behavioural therapy
– Strategies for supporting ASD and ADHD learners within the classroom

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