Specific Eastern Hero Compared to the Western Hero Archetype

Post a new thread research essay (directly into this Discussion Forum and NOT an attachment) with a minimum of 500 words that includes the following information:

Identify a specific Eastern Hero that you have selected and researched from the approved list.
Summarize the events of your Eastern Hero’s story, the main story progression, and the outcome of the story for the hero. Required: Include citations for the sources from which you got the information.
Identify the typical Western Hero Archetype and then explain how your selected Eastern Hero differs from the typical Western Hero Archetype.
Explain whether or not you can relate to the archetypal hero that you selected, and why or why not. Do you think the ability to relate to this hero has anything to do with the culture you are from? Include supportive evidence from your own experience and from the sources where you got the information about the hero.
Finally, explain how your selected Eastern Hero and his/her story teach us something useful as human beings. Include supportive evidence from the research sources where you got the information about the hero, and from the textbook.

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