Solitary confinment individual reflection

Topic: Solitary confinment individual reflection

Order Description
The Individual Reflection is a critical examination of the organisation’s role, strategy and place within the wider human rights movement.
1. Include introduction and conclusion
2. Demonstrate knowledge of both the institutions and the legal mechanisms involved in the protection and promotion of the human rights issue that you researched
3. Analyse the political, social, economic and cultural contexts in which your human rights organisation operates and the particular challenges faced in the 21st Century
4. Assess the effectiveness of your human rights organisation(INVISIBLE IN ISOLATION) to protect, promote and defend human rights
5. Evaluate and compare your campaign(INVISIBLE IN ISOLATION) to the work of a human rights organisation that closely fits your issue and strategy
6. Critically evaluate your own part within the human rights organisation (campaign) that you worked within
7. Be fully referenced using the Harvard referencing style
8. Provide in-text citation

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