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Topic: Sociology

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Scenario: a Yr 7 Aboriginal student from a remote location has recently moved to a Suburban area and is now attending a local State School. The student’s first language is a native indigenous language and his second language is English. His literacy and numeracy levels are significantly below that of his classmates. He has also been diagnosed with a hearing disability with approximately 50% hearing loss. He can participate in conversations with teachers and students but often misses out on important information particularly when there is any background noises. As the teacher aide, you have noticed that he is rarely engaged in lessons and seems to be withdrawn from most classroom activities. He has shown interest in sport, art and reading fiction books about spirits, ghosts, monsters, etc. He is generally well behaved and quiet but does appear to have difficulty in making friends.
What would you suggest are appropriate strategies to be included in his Individual Education Plan?
What reasonable adjustments should be considered in terms of environment and equipment that could assist him?
Conduct some research. Provide the name and website of an organisation that could assist in the provision of interpreter services for the student.

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