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Should utilities, such as gas and electric, be regulated by the federal government. When addressing this issue consider the state of Texas and its recent disaster. The government of the state of Texas did not want to be regulated by the federal government so it withdrew from the electrical grid formed its own energy company, which it chose not to regulate. Even after the 2011 Texas freeze that knocked out power for millions of Texans, the state only recommended that the power generating equipment be insulated. When the Artic Vortex encompassed Texas recently causing a major snow storm and subzero temperatures, the power grid shut down because it was not insulated, nor was there a mandatory surplus of stored energy. Again, millions of Texans were without power causing water pipes in their homes to freeze and break, as well as freeing the water line. In addition, the water pumping stations froze, as did the water purification systems resulting in the water reservoir stored water becoming contaminated with bacteria, which meant that now the Texans, with no power, had to boil their water, if they even had water coming into their homes. After the disaster, the power company is now charging Texans astronomical prices for power, such as thousands of dollars. The price of energy is not regulated either.

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