social work

social work

Paper details:

see rubrics and files attached below: Analyse how an immigration policy or program impacts immigrations and refugees communities across Canada.

Total 8 pages in total

How to write this paper, detailed rubrics:
The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze how an immigration policy or program impacts immigrants and refugees communities. Research one policy program, and look to critically analyze the social policy. I will be looking at the disastrous impact of bill C31 and its affect on immigrants and refugees alike.

See Rubrics:

1) Create a case study. Your Case study should be related to your chosen policy, ate the beginning of the paper. When developing a case study create a real life example of how immigrants and refugees have experienced challenges, in relations to your policy (Bill C24 strengthening Canadian citizenship Act) (700 words)
2 Introduce your paper. As a road map, to your paper in which you clearly state what you intend to cover in your paper.(Name of the policy) BillC31, which you intend to address your main points. (700 words.)
3 Research your policy; you have chosen in full detail, you must use an integrated 3 sources in your paper. Look and analyze how this policy will impact on your group of immigrants and refugees. (700 words)
A) Explain key point of the policy (One page
) Detailed description of policy program:, (One page:
B) Why was this policy developed? 500 words to 700 words)
C) According to Canadian government who is this policy intended to benefit (half a page
D) According to the Canadian government, how the policy is intended to support immigrants and refugees. Half a page.
Critical analyses of policy/ program
How refugees and immigrants have been impacted by this policy.
a) What are some anticipated impacts of your chosen policy or program in immigrants and refugees? According to activist? Provide specific examples by referring to your case study( 1page
B What are the impacts of your chosen policy according to SSW code of ethics, provide examples and refer to case study (One page)
What changes to you believe need to be made to policy program to create more equitable conditions for immigrants and refugees? Make 2 recommendations and propose changes and describe in detail. ( One page.
Conclusion : discuss what lesson you learned for writing this paper and how it helps you within you practice of immigrants and refugees.

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