Social Science

Social Science

This part consists of 2 questions, listed below. It is expected that students will prepare in advance of the test. Preparation for part B will take place in Professional Practice and Social Science classes.

Part B Question 1 is a critical reading of the following:
Kelsey, J. (2011 July 27). Pitfalls of a gold-standard trade deal. Retrieved from

In the Analysis section, you will be asked to make a comparison with the following reading:

Jacobi, S. (2012 June 15). Free up global trade to create growth and jobs. Retrieved from

You may refer also to any other reading you have done.

In the test you will be given 3 resources:
– A copy of Kelsey, ‘Pitfalls of a gold-standard trade deal’.
– A copy of Jacobi, S. ‘Free up global trade to create growth and jobs’.
– The Critical Reading Guidelines from page 28 of the Study Guide.

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