social problem

social problem

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you are to write a short (less than 1 page, double-spaced with a 12 point font) essay exploring inappropriately using a rhetorical device or fallacy related to contemporary social problem. This essay should accomplish the following goal:
Begin by selecting a rhetorical device or fallacy and defining it (in your own words, please do not quote the book or internet sources). Then, provide an example of at least one rhetorical device or fallacy applied to a contemporary social problem. Please note: This cannot simply be something you’ve heard or a hypothetical. You must provide an actual example of the rhetorical device or fallacy (an image, a link to a website, a video, etc.). This will be your largest challenge with the assignment. Here are some suggestions on places to look:

Conservative or Liberal Blogs (provide a clickable link in your paper)
Op-Ed pieces in newspapers (provide a clickable link in your paper)
The comments section of either of the above
Internet videos (provide a link)
Finally, explain why they are rhetorical devices/fallacies. This may be a fairly challenging assignment, so you’ll want to start thinking about it early on.

This assignment is graded both on writing (grammar, spelling, clarity, organization, and flow) and on content (does the paper provide an example of an actual fallacy or rhetorical device, does the paper classify the rhetorical device or fallacy correctly, and does the paper explain why the example counts as a rhetorical device or fallacy).

Example: If I were doing this assignment, I might utilize the article posted here: and discuss the genetic fallacy, inappropriate argument from authority,

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