Social Movement Presentation

Social movements are usually caused by disruptions in society based on a need for social change. Social
movements can start from a grassroots level, like the Me Too Movement, or from changes at a macro-level,
such as gun policies by politicians.
Identify a social issue happening in the United States today that is relevant to your interests and that you would
like to see changed. You can choose a micro-level problem, such as speeding in your neighborhood, or a
macro-level problem, such as racial inequality. Examples include problems such as graffiti in parks, gang
violence, illegal immigration, gender inequality, police brutality, online bullying, destruction of community
property, personal property theft, parking violations, speeding, improper disposal of pet waste, gun laws, or
legalization of marijuana.
Imagine that you are part of a social movement or local community forum that has formed around this issue to
address the need for social change.
Create a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on a social movement for change in your
community that you could share with local politicians or other influential leaders.
Include the following in your presentation, using speaker notes as needed for details:
Describe the current factors that are influencing the social issue you would like to change.
Provide at least 2-3 examples that explain why this social issue is a problem for your community or society.
Describe the social issue through the lens of one of these theoretical perspectives:
Symbolic interactionism
Describe the social structures you would recommend to address this issue. Explain the need for these social
structures and their potential impact on creating social change.
Explain how a movement for social change on this issue could affect society. For example, changes in gun
control laws may reduce the number of single-person shootings

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