Social Mission & Social Impact of a Capstone Project

We are working on a Capstone Project for my Executive MBA. Unfortunately, when i started it, all whats going
wasn’t planned 🙂
Anyway our project is about consolidating small clinics in the US under a central management System such as
Hygeia ( where we will take care of the
administrative, reporting, regulatory workload so to enable practitioners to focus on their profession but also
guide the patient through the difficult US Health Care System.
For the physicians a reduced admin work will free valued work time, increase profitability, and allow the doctors
to engage in HMO or PPO networks without a fear of unmanageable non added value duties. This will enable
them to reduce working hours, a better work life balance, reducing stress, and increasing their patient / doctor
relationship and trust.
On the patient side who will be the key driver for the opportunity to realize we see opportunities in assisting
them versus the insurance choice, guiding them through appointments with optimal transportation and waiting
time, easiness to access a qualified network of physicians and thus increasing their health awareness and the
benefits for their personal health and the capacity to engage with the right practitioner from the start.

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