Social Issues And Tech

you explored different types of digital divides, including geographical (urban-rural), racial, educational, intergenerational, and international. For this assignment, you are to write an note on how the digital divide you chose affected the ability to use the technological advancement (again, your choice) used during the CoVid pandemic.

Your completed note will include at least one paragraph for each of the following:

Explanation of your choice of digital divide (Urban-Rural, Racial, Educational, Intergenerational, or International) and a description of a specific technological advancement reliant on internet access; include one external reference. Be sure to describe both the specific technological advancement and the specific digital divide.
A detailed description of how this specific advancement was used during the pandemic; include one (1) external reference
A problem associated with the use of your chosen advancement during the pandemic shared by both sides of the digital divide; include one (1) external reference
Two problems experienced only by the digitally disadvantaged; include two (2) external references
Your recommendation for how to close the gap to prevent the additional barriers faced by the digitally disadvantaged; include at least one (1) external reference to support your recommendation.
Note that your described technological advancement should be as specific as video conferencing or virtual medical assistance.

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