Social and political changes during the Hellenistic period

Link to the book:

Select and Answers one of the three questions below.
We are looking for a short answer explaining your opinion on the question and it must be supported with evidence and examples from the lectures and textbook. The aim of these questions is for you to engage a little more in depth with your chosen topic.
There is no correct answer to these questions: provided you follow the instructions, answer the question and support the answer with evidence you will do well. I am not looking for a long essay, just a couple of paragraphs which would equate to an absolute maximum of a single double spaced page, but less is fine, provided you fulfil the requirements. These responses will be graded on a five-point rubric:
1pt – You answered the question, giving an opinion on the issue being discussed.
1pt – Your answer is written in proper sentences and paragraphs with good spelling and grammar.
3pts – Your answer is supported with evidence drawn from the material presented in the lectures or textbook. (Hint: there are 3 points here – think about how many pieces of evidence you should be presenting!…)

Select ONE of the following questions to respond to
a) Which of the social and political changes during the Hellenistic period discussed in the textbook and lecture do you think would have had the most effect on Greek Sports culture? Why?

b) Did Greek women participate in sports (think about the definition of “sports” from the start of the course)? In which periods was this most true and in which periods least true, if it is true in any period.

c) What factors led to Beast Hunts (Venationes) becoming popular in Roman Culture?

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