“Social and Emotional Learning

Chapter 4- Social and Emotional learning You will need the book Epstein, Ann S. (2014). The Intentional Teacher. National Association for the Education of Young Children. Washington D.C. ISBN #978-1-938113-06-2. I do not have this book use as reference.

“Social and Emotional Learning has always been essential” (Epstein, 2014, p. 43). The missing is, how do we support social and emotional learning? Why is it important to pay attention to social-emotional development?

Think about how you can promote emotionally positive self-images for all children in the face of conflicting messages children often encounter in the media? There are many aspects of social-emotional development that can be considered. As you read, please reflect on your own experience. You are once a child.

Reflect and discuss the following:

After reading this chapter, please share two specific topics that you found to be the most interesting (DO NOT just provide the main headings from a section of the text)
What about these topics interested you? Again, be specific.
How will you use the knowledge in your virtual student teaching? If you have already used this knowledge, please share your experience. (Be specific – don’t just say it will help you be a wonderful teacher

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