Snake Town

Since this is a class on prehistoric cultures, you need to research and present the site’s earliest developments
(the move to farming and to urbanism, the invention of new farming techniques, the construction of monuments
and temples). What did this culture produce? Pottery, jewelry, tools, weapons, art? You may also focus on
trade with other cultures, cemeteries and burial rites, socio-politics, notable inventions (writing systems,
calendars, irrigation canals, architectural achievements…).
This is not a presentation on tourism and the modern life of the city. Please do not include such information
unless it is something noteworthy, such as the recent destruction of the archaeological site: terrorist act, natural
disaster (the destruction of heritage in Iraq and Syria)… an obvious connection between the modern-day city
and its heritage, such an ancient legend that is today a national symbol (the flag of Mexico)… All information on
the modern life of the city must be relevant to our class.
Tips for a successful presentation:

  1. include a map and other visuals
  2. check if your chosen site or its local museum have a webpage (many museums offer virtual tours, feel free
    to include it in your presentation!)
  3. You are responsible for doing the research and looking for relevant articles. Include all your references at the
    end of your presentation. I advise you to use to research relevant books and
  4. the in-class presentation should not exceed 8-10 minutes. Please prepare accordingly.
    Submitting and presenting your work
  5. you will present in class and introduce us to your chosen site
  6. after receiving feedback, you are expected to make all necessary corrections and edits and then submit the
    final version on BB.
    Grading. Points possible: 10
  7. the student demonstrates a clear understanding of the information while presenting in class = 2 points
  8. The presentation was well organized and the ideas flowed logically = 3 points
  9. visuals = 2 points
  10. references = 2 points
  11. respecting the time limit = 1 point
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