Small Business Staffing and Recruiting Plan

Small Business Staffing and Recruiting Plan

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Ralph Braun built his company out of his creativity in
meeting his own personal needs. Growing up in rural
Indiana, Braun had difficulty climbing stairs, and doctors
diagnosed him with spinal muscular atrophy. At age
14, Braun needed a wheelchair to get around. He was
disappointed but developed his mechanical aptitude,
honed by years of helping his uncles fix motorcycles and
race cars, and used it to build himself a battery-powered
scooter. With the scooter, Braun was able to navigate his
way around a job at an automotive supply factory, where
co-workers would ask him to build something similar for
their family members and acquaintances. Later, for better
transportation to and from the job, Braun figured out how
to convert a Dodge van with a lift so he could enter the
van on his scooter and drive it from there. Again, people
saw the van and asked for something similar. Eventually,
Braun took all his earnings from scooters and van
conversions and started Save-A-Step Manufacturing, later
named BraunAbility, which has become the world’s largest
maker of wheelchair-accessible vans and wheelchair lifts.
The passion and purposefulness of the company’s
founder are reflected in the structure of BraunAbility’s jobs
and work. Recruiting is inclusive, with an especially great
appreciation for the potential of disabled workers. Cindy
Garnett, the company’s director of human resources, notes
that a person with a disability has to go through life solving
accessibility problems creatively, so that person is likely to
have become a great innovator. Wherever possible, work
schedules are tailored to employees’ needs. Many employees
have flexible schedules, working their choice of eight
hours between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Some employees
telecommute full-time or part-time. Even production
workers, who must coordinate their tasks as vans move
from one work station to the next, have flexibility to negotiate
arrangements that work for them as a group. They
told the company that they wanted just a couple of short
breaks during the day instead of a long lunch break, so they
could leave earlier. BraunAbility went along with the idea.
As you might expect from a company founded by a
creative man, innovation is valued over hierarchy at
BraunAbility. On a typical day, Ralph Braun tours the
facility in his wheelchair, observing the work and talking
to production workers and staff. Garnett says, “If anyone
has an idea, that person is listened to.” For example, an
employee suggested that, rather than going through the
process of safely disposing of leftover paint, workers use
it to paint the vehicle floors under the carpet, for a little
additional protection of the vehicle. The company readily
adopted the suggestion.
Along with feeling respected, workers at BraunAbility
feel their work matters to society. In Garnett’s words,
because the company’s vans make it possible to travel
independently, employees “know that they’re changing
the lives of people with disabilities with every product
that goes out the door.”
SOURCES: “Collaboration, Inclusion Help Create That ‘Small-Town’
Feeling,” white paper,, January 18, 2010, ;
“How I Did It: Ralph Braun of BraunAbility,” Inc., December 1, 2009, ; and “BraunAbility Launches EntervanXT to Accommodate
Needs of Taller Wheelchair and Scooter Users,” Marketing Weekly
News, October 10, 2009, Business & Company Resource Center, .
1. In what ways is work at BraunAbility motivating? What
other features of motivating work might BraunAbility
be able to offer its employees?
2. What place would efficient job design have in a
company like BraunAbility? How could BraunAbility
improve job efficiency in a way that is consistent
with the company’s emphasis on inclusiveness and
3. Imagine that you work with the HR director at
BraunAbility, and she has asked you to suggest some
ways to reinforce employees’ sense that their jobs have
an important positive impact on others. What would
you suggest?
Small-Business Case : Inclusivity Defines BraunAbility’s Products and
Its Jobs

This guide is designed to lay out each assignment required this semester.
All assignments should be submitted as a Microsoft document (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.). Microsoft
Word documents must be 1” margins, double spaced Times New Roman 12pt. font.
Assignment #1 – Understanding of Human Resources
Read chapter 1. Write a two page paper, in APA format (use the paper template on the course website)
addressing the following:
1) Compare the differences between the role of a line manager and the role of a human resource manager
(HR Generalist).
a. How are their roles similar?
b. How are their roles different?
c. How can they best work together?
2) Based on your current understanding of Human Resources, explain about what you want to learn in this
3) Leverage at least two outside resources from reliable academic or professional resources (see the list on
the course website).
Assignment #2 – Small Business Recruiting and Staffing Plan
Using the Small Business Case from Chapter 4, you will create a recruiting and staffing strategy for
BraunAbility, a manufacturer of wheelchair vans. For this paper, you will need to select a position to write a
recruiting and staffing plan. The paper should be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 8 pages. The
positions you can select from include:
? Salesperson
? Factory worker
? Marketing director
In this paper, you will outline the following:
1) Introduction – include a thesis statement, the position selected, and a preview of your paper
2) Legal landscape – what are special legal considerations you would like the company to be aware of?
3) Recruiting plan for the position selected
a. Explain what recruiting is and why it is important
b. Explain the tools you will use to find candidates for your selected position and why you selected
each tool
4) Create a selection plan for the position selected, including but not limited to:
a. Explain what staffing is and why it is important
b. What assessments will you use? Why?
c. What type of interviewing will you use? Why?
d. Create 5 interview questions for your candidate
Resources to use:
? The case study (see the PDF in the Course Content section of the website)
? Other outside academic resources
Course Schedule & Assignment Guide 3
Recruiting & Staffing Paper Rubric
Heading Content Points
Introduction Clear introduction that provides a thesis statement and
preview of the paper.
Explain the position the paper will be about (salesperson,
factory worker, marketing director)
Identify any legal considerations you would like BraunAbility
to pay special attention to during the recruiting and staffing
Recruiting Plan Recruiting plan includes recruiting tools and why each tool
was selected.
Staffing Plan Staffing plan includes description of assessments, why they
were chosen, and interview questions.
Conclusion Conclusion recaps the paper 5
Overall Quality
of Writing
Overall quality of writing, including but not limited to use of
correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc.
APA Writing
Paper is in APA format. 5
APA References Use 5 peer-reviewed, academic outside resources are
integrated throughout the paper to support points made.
Total Points 100
Assignment #3 – Section of Final Paper Topic
In this assignment, you will prepare for your final paper. Review the requirements for the final paper, and
select the topic you will write about. Write the first two sections of the final paper, which details the topic you
have chosen, a preview of your paper that ties to at least 2 functional areas of HRM and why your topic is
important. Be sure the assignment is in APA format, and include references.
Assignment #4 – Reflection Paper
Write a 1 to 2 page paper reflecting on the course.
1) What information did you find most useful?
2) What information did you find least useful?
3) How would you grade your participation level this semester?
4) How will you use what you learned in this course in the future?
5) What recommendations do you have for this course in the future?
6) Anything else you would like me to know!
Course Schedule & Assignment Guide 4
Assignment #5 – HR Integration Paper
Over the course of the semester, you have learned about a number of different human resource topics. In this
paper, I want you to show me how they are interrelated. Write a minimum of 6 to maximum of 8 page paper
about one of the following topics. If you have a topic you are passionate about, but it is not included on this list,
please request approval of the topic.
Paper Topics:
? Expatriate assignments
? Improving employee retention
? Effectively using flexible work schedules
? Managing a contingent workforce
? Improving talent management
? Encouraging work-life balance in an organization
Use the following outline for your paper:
1) Introduction: Briefly describe the topic/issue and explain why you chose this topic to research. (One
2) Importance of issue: Why is this issue important for work organizations in general? Summarize
major points of information gleaned from your sources on this topic. (Approximately one page)
3) How does this topic/issue affect the functional areas of HRM? What specific actions should be
taken in those functional areas to support your goal/objective? This should be based on your research
and not just personal opinion. Tie your recommendations to the different areas of HRM that you
learned about this semester, such as recruiting, staffing, compensation and benefits, training,
development, performance management etc. (Approximately 2 to 4 pages)
4) Close your paper with a brief summary of new learning that you personally have gained as a result of
doing this research paper. (One to two strong paragraphs)
Integration Paper Rubric
Heading Content Points
topic and why
you chose it.
Write a clear introduction to this paper, giving a brief
explanation of the topic and why you chose it.
Why is the topic
important to
Include at least 3 reasons why this topic is important to
Impact of
Functional areas
of HRM
Describe how your topic integrates to at least 2 of the
functional areas of HRM that you learned about this semester.
Conclusion Conclusion recaps the paper 5
Overall Quality
of Writing
Overall quality of writing, including but not limited to use of
correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc.
APA Writing
Paper is in APA format. 5
APA References Use 5 peer-reviewed, academic outside resources are
integrated throughout the paper to support points made.
Course Schedule & Assignment Guide 5


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