SM Lab

SM Lab

Read and study all material within the SM Lab folder located under Files > Assignments.
Attach their completed SM Lab worksheet (in Word or compatible format) to their Primary Post . The Primary Post is to include an interpretation that addresses at least one of the topics/questions below, AND a conclusion.  I am not kidding about referring to the rubric- please make sure you understand the requirements for all discussion threads, e.g. two references to course material!

Interpreting Results
In the interpretation of your results you should consider at least one of the following questions. Your interpretation should be posted directly on the discussion thread—DO NOT ATTACH this part.

• Which predictions are supported by the data?

• Which predictions are refuted by the data?

• Which hypothesis is better supported? Why?

• What are the limitations of this study?

• What additional research is needed?

All students must post a conclusion on the d-board in addition to their interpretation of results.
What have you concluded from this research?

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