Topic: SLP 2

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This SLP continues your analysis of the organization you nominated in SLP1.

You may find it convenient to review the thumbnail descriptions of the various logistical functions, found in SLP1.

For this SLP, please address the organization’s product distribution strategy, to include:

Transportation modes
Ownership and management of the modes (the organization, common carriers, contract carriers etc.)
The rationale behind the use of those modes
The strengths and weaknesses of those modes
Future developments, such as anticipated technological advances and resource availability, that may affect the choice of transportation modes
then the specifically logistical functions for which the organization is responsible.
The metrics pertaining to those functions that determine quality. Possible metrics are timeliness, reliability, cost, shrinkage (damage and loss), etc.
How those metrics are monitored.
How the organization applies Deming’s PDCA paradigm to quality control; or if it doesn’t, how it could or should apply that paradigm.

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