Sheet Metal Project

Sheet Metal Project

I need a Manufacturing or Mechanical Engineer to work in this Assignment.

the Book that we are studding is(Fundamentals of Tool Design SME 6th Edition 2010)

you must read the instruction and requirements below and follow them:

“You are to design a book end

The book end must be 1020 CRS and can be any thickness

It must have 1 punched area

It must have at least 1 bend

Calculate the following based on parameters you decide on

1) Sketch of part

2) Center of pressure (book)

3) Peak cutting force

4) Stripping Force

5) Shear Force (Mach Handbook)

6) Punch and Die clearance for cutout(Mach Handbook)

7) Deformation Force (Mach Handbook)

8) Press tonnage (Mach Handbook)

9) Minimum Bend Radius (Mach Handbook)

10) Length of material

11) Bending Force (Mach Handbook)”

please follow every detail. The design should be in Solidworks or CAD.

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