Sexual Violence And Abuse

Topic: Sexual Violence And Abuse

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You’re required to conceptualise and articulate a research question and associated hypothesis/es, identify appropriate theoretical frameworks, provide a concise, focused literature review and identify gaps in the literature and the relevance of the topic for policy and practice. This is a literature review. It should follow the basic structure of an essay, with an introduction (which introduces the research topic and question and the order on how the literature review will be presented ), a body and a conclusion. It essentially needs to put forward a research question and hypotheses, and review the prior literature on this. You can include the hypothesis at any point, but most literature reviews include the hypothesises towards the end. Below is a link to the detailed structure requirements: After selecting a research topic, you will need to perform a literature review in this area from which will you will develop a specific research question and hypothesis/es You will need to include minimum 20 peer reviewed journal articles and another 15 minimum regular journal articles. APA referencing style 6th edition. Total of 35-40 journal articles cited in the research paper as in text referencing and bibliography Below is a link to all the reference requirements in detail. You will need develop a final version of the research question relevant to the broad topic: “sexual violence and abuse” to base and write the literature review on. As well as relevant hypothesis ( generally 1-2 hypothesises ). Have a look for some developmental risk factors that have not been widely examined in relation to the broad chosen research topic. This will be evident after research has started. I have already drafted a research question. Below, is the current developed research question: ‘Are adolescent sexual offenders more likely to have a childhood diagnosis of conduct disorder than adult sexual offenders’ ( this research question has been pre approved by the professor – so main focus on finding journal Articles with research that will lead evidently in comparing adolescent to adult sexual offenders and the likeness of childhood diagnosis of conduct disorder ) You will need to start research on the broad topic and find a minimum of 20 peer reviewed journal articles around the above developed research question in order to further adjust/redraft it appropriately as well as to create the hypothesis. It is very important to examine this current version of the research question and readjust it in a novel way and/or rewrite it to ensure that it has not been examined before. The research question needs to be one that has not been addressed, or has not been addressed in a certain way (e.g. maybe a particular research design or data collection strategy has never been used). Basically it needs to be novel/original, which can mean any one of the following; 1. Nobody has actually studied this problem or question. 2. People have studied this question but the existing studies have not been consistent in their findings and you think you know why, or you at least aim to shed light on why these inconsistencies exist. 3. People have studied this question but not using a specific type of methodology or approach. For example, perhaps most of the studies to date use attitudinal measures and you propose to use behavioral measures. Or maybe there have been no randomized experiments (RCTs) in a specific area. 4. People have tried to answer this question or test this hypothesis, but not focusing on a specific population/sample of individuals. 5. the topic has been studied before, but a critical interaction effect or mediating variable has not been considered for this particular outcome. Also- Directions on developing hypothesis: should emerge from prior research on topic. Below is an example of 2 possible hypothesises, given that there is research ( peer reviewed journal articles found in support of them ) suggesting that adolescents are more likely to have these childhood behavioural difficulties, or perhaps it suggests that adolescents will present more often with some conduct disorders and adults with others. PLEASE READ the document link below which goes into greater detail on how to develop a testable research question and to draft the final version of it and the hypothesis/es.The link is found below: For the remaining minimum 15 journal articles to be researched and included; ( is what the body of the literature review is going to be written up of ) You’re required to do a cursory review of the journal articles content and surgically extract key content which will serve as the building blocks of your argument in your literature review. Then, after all of this, you are likely to revise the wording of your research question one last time. This last revision is likely to be a minor tweak. I would like the writer to research for all journal articles from library catalogue/ journal article finders listed below only for the entire research paper. Ulrich’s Periodical Directory is a database which provides information about published journals, including status as a scholarly, academic journal. Also below is links to search library catalogue for Peer reviewed journal articles and scholarly journal articles!/advanced Please use Google Scholar to complete some research. List of relevant outputs: for the research topic: Sexual violence and abuse: Journal of Interpersonal Violence Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment Criminal Justice & Behavior Child Abuse & Neglect Violence against Women Violence & Victims Other potential relevant journals: Criminology Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency Crime & Delinquency Justice Quarterly Journal of Criminal Justice Journal of Experimental Criminology British Journal of Criminology European Journal on Criminal Policy and Researchless
“directions explain in terms of the number of references “you will need to include minimum 20 peer reviewed journal articles and another 15 minimum regular journal articles” a total of 35-40 references. which basically means as per in the bibliography instructions: “Details of all information sources used to produce your essay. This includes all works consulted or used in the preparation of your essay, EVEN if you do not refer to said work(s) within your essay still need to be included in bibliography” so in other words, minimum 20 peer reviewed journal articles needs to be included in the paper as in text referencing and bibliography and then the other minimum 15 regular journals JUST in the bibliography “

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