Session 4 Art Field Trip

During your Getting to Know You, a veiled hint was made about what kind of art you liked, what art galleries, museums and history museums were in your area that you have passed by or visited or have been dragged into, and what I might be asking of you! We have spent four sessions learning about art, pouring through art books, learning the language – now let’s go out and explore!
Submit a 2 page paper on your visit and experience to a local art gallery, online art gallery, museum, or historical center. Be creative and expand the definition – could a knitting or rug hooking shop be an art resource for this assignment? What about a sports memorabilia store or Harley Davidson showroom? (You will have to provide hard evidence of the art form – but it can be done!)
Once you have taken a tour, come back and report on what you experienced. You are to select at least two pieces of art that hit you or grabbed your attention.
In a two page paper with APA formatting, answer the following questions:
What was the time period of the pieces of art that you chose? How do they reflect the art of that period?
Who was/were the artist(s)?
What is the worldview expressed in the pieces? How do you know?
What did you like or dislike about it? Why did you choose these pieces? Compare and contrast them.
What is it? (medium)
How is it put together? (technical response)
How does it appeal to the senses? (an experiential response)

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