Senior Internship;

IN 495 Senior Internship;

to identify and review research on an issue relevant to your site
Directions; for all of your sites there are issues which arise which must be addressed. Usually you act either according to your own understanding of that issue or you ask another e.g. your supervisor, for help. In class you will begin a discussion of what issues might be relevant. Now we want you to find research on that specific issue. Then, using your own words, describe what you have learned about this issues and how that material might relevant to that issue at your site.

You will make a 5 minute presentation in class about that issue, research on that issues and application of that research to your specific site.

Paper length: 2-3 pages
Total: paper and presentation 5% of your final grade. If you are not in class to make your presentation, your grade will be lowered by one whole grade.

A. Purpose:
1. To write in the language appropriate for an issue at your site
2. To find relevant material on that issue on the Internet, but was originally published in hard copy.
3. To read and understand that research
4. To evaluate that research
5. To take that material and construct a clear paper that shows your understand of the research
6. Students who are not in class for their paper presentation will be penalized one grade on their paper.

B. “Rules”
1. Paper must be properly paraphrased and, if direct quotes are used (sparingly), they must be
Documented properly.
2. Paper must be written according to College Composition standards.
3. The paper is due in class at the beginning of class on the date assigned. It may be submitted
4. Late papers will be penalized a grade on day.

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