Science tells us the truth about reality (or not).

Science tells us the truth about reality (or not).

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Grading Breakdown for Major Essay for Impacts of Science and Technology on Society:

The essay is graded out of 25 possible marks.
Please find below a rough guideline of the grading criteria that will be used to evaluate your paper.
Please submit papers electronically in the bin created for this purpose on the course website.
Papers submitted after 12:00pm on Monday, March 9th will be docked grades accordingly (5% per business day—please refer to syllabus pg. 2 for more details).

Content: (12 points)

Quality of discussion (12 points)
*Topic/subject/thesis is very clearly stated in the Introductory paragraph
*Maintains appropriate, clear focus on the topic throughout the paper
*Arguments and ideas unfold in a logical manner
*Arguments are substantiated both with adequate discussion and adequate (and appropriate) sources from secondary materials (peer-reviewed only)
-Does not bring in unrelated or unexplained/unsubstantiated points
*Adequate engagement/depth with topic
-Does not make major assumptions or dismissals of alternate views without adequate logical evidence/discussion
-Does not simply regurgitate quotes in order to prove premises but engages topic on a mature level

Style (8 points)

Spelling/grammar/punctuation (4 points)
*No spelling mistakes
*No grammatical/punctuation/copy editing errors—(will be deducted as they occur)

Clarity (4 points)

*Flow and written expression exhibits balance, clarity and style
*Prose exhibits mature, university-level language skills and expression of ideas
*Avoids vague or generalizing or stereotyping or inconsistent or unintelligible or needlessly technical/verbose gibberish
*Gets to the point in a clear and concise way without resorting to the stuff mentioned in the previous point

Structure (5 points)

Length/Structure/Referencing/Bibliography (5 points)
*Paper must include adequate Bibliography that sets out any sources that have been used (including textbook, lecture notes, etc…)
*Makes use of adequate sources
-No lecture notes
-Must be peer-reviewed sources (articles or books)
-Dictionaries or Encyclopedias are NOT used as substantial sources
*Where sources are used, they MUST be adequately referenced and the paper must include a Bibliography
-Any consistent, major referencing model will suffice—APA, MLA, Turabian, etc…
-Consistency of model is imperative throughout
*No more than 2,000 words and no less than 1600 words or marks will be deducted
*organized into clear paragraphs that follow logical progression


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