School Vouchers

In your post this week, you may want to consider evaluating the arguments for/against vouchers. Do you think they should be expanded, curtailed, eliminated? Why? (two paragraphs)
Afterwards, In a well-written essay, please respond to the following questions. The question is based on the educational controversies we covered in class during the first half of the semester. You should use the assigned readings and other materials I provided to you to respond to the questions. You may also use supplemental materials of your choosing, but make sure that the sources are reputable (e.g., Wikipedia is not a valid source). While this is not a research paper, when you do cite sources or quote authors, I expect you to conform to the conventions of the American Psychological Association (APA style). You do not have to create an APA-style cover page or a running header for your essay, but I do want you to use in-text citations (APA style) and to include

at the conclusion of your essay. The reference list includes the complete reference to the citations you used in your paper. Again, you do not have to do any independent research. The readings I provided to you will suffice.

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