School Counseling Principles: Ethics and Law

Stone, Carolyn (2017-09-13T23:58:59.000). School Counseling Principles: Ethics and Law . American School Counselor Association. Kindle Edition.

Respond to each of the following in your written narrative:
What does professionalism mean to you?
What ethical challenges will you face as a school counselor?
-being too emotionally involved
-i bring my work home with me, meaning, I come home emotionally capped and lacking patience for my own kids and family

Discuss the impact of at least one idea from the Dr. Stone video that is significant to you as a future counselor

Cyberspace and ethics:
Do you have a social media webpage (Facebook; other?)
I do NOT have social media of any type, I deleted them all about ten years ago and am happier for it. It was hard to see everyone’s “best self” on days when I myself was struggling with depression, so seeing someone be fake was extra hard. Also, the contestant comparing, it was a horrible feeling to always feel less than.

What does it say about you?
It says that I am not emotionally equipped to sit and scroll through people’s feeds and expect that in turn, I will somehow find fulfillment in my own life. WRONG.

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