Schitt’s Creek 2015

Step 1 – Give a list of all the directives in the episode (pay close attention, a lot of the directives are phrased as hints). Make sure all the directives on the list are direct quotes from the episode, do not paraphrase.

Step 2 – From the list, analyze the at least 5 of the directives

What form does the directive take?

How does it satisfy the felicity conditions from Gordon and Lakoff (all four)

If the underlying intent differs from the linguistic form chosen, expand the question (directive) to reflect it actual meaning.

Describe the interpersonal communicative work – what is the speaker doing

How does the addressee respond to the directive?

If there is a response, give an expansion that reflects its actual meaning

What are the interactional implications?

Analyze the politeness of the directive – what type of politeness (positive, negative, off-record) does each directive take? Why do you think the speaker employed this politeness strategy? If it doesn’t fit into a type of politeness, why not

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