Scaling up: How founder CEOs and teams can go beyond aspiration to ascent
o Select a recent article of your choice from the following website: www.
o Once at the site, click “Featured Insights”
o Under “Trending Topics”, select a topic of interest to you and
o Then select an article of your choice.

o After carefully reading of the article, you are to write a summary of the article as detailed:

  1. Provide a brief summary (1-2 paragraphs) of the article including the author’s view point. (8 points)
  2. Provide 1-2 paragraph and within these paragraphs include the answers to the following questions: (8 points)
     Do you agree or disagree with the article (the author’s viewpoint)
     And explain why
    o The paper must be well written by you and only you (4 points)
    o Typed and doubled space, 12-point font
    o Paragraph format
     No bullets
     No one long paragraph
    o Title for paper is the title of the article you selected and the Author’s name
    o Must have an opening sentence and closing sentence
    o Word count: 400 to 450 words (no less – no more)
    o On last page include
     Article citation and word count

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