Salvation and how it works Romans

Salvation and how it works Romans 5:1-11

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Write a detailed theological exegesis of the biblical passage Romans 5:1-11. Explain the significant interpretive issues in the passage and the theological and ethical teachings of the passage. For controversial issues, summarize alternative views and give reasons you believe your interpretation is correct. The justification of your interpretations should be based on details you observe in the passage, the meaning of Greek words, grammar, structure, context, literary type, and cultural/historical background. Include a 1 page discussion of the contemporary relevance and application of the teachings of the passage.
The paper should stress the results of your personal inductive study of the biblical text. Do not simply repeat the opinions of commentaries. Your paper should interact critically with at least 3 major modern exegetical commentaries, as well as journal articles on the passage from at least the last ten years. You should also make use of high quality, modern Bible study reference books, such as Greek lexicons, word study books, Bible dictionaries/encyclopedias, books of biblical culture, and biblical theology books. You should have no fewer than 10 modern research sources, not including Bibles and concordances.

The Paper should be 8-10 pages, typed in 12 point type, double spaced, with footnotes and bibliography in Turabian style.

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