Safety-critical systems

Safety-critical systems are one of the software types that raise many legal and ethical issues. You can touch its benefits everywhere but .the consequences of malfunctions are disastrous Write a report titled “Risks and liabilities of safety-critical systems” and cover the following topics:

 What is a safety-critical system? What does it consist of?

 Safety-critical systems are everywhere in our lives, mention eight different examples for safety-critical systems from different areas and specify each for each application the

area it belongs to.

 Discuss four distinguishable features of safety critical systems.

 Discuss four reliability regimes/factors for safety-critical systems.

 Discuss four challenges in developing safety-critical systems that are not usual in

developing traditional systems.

 Discuss five errors that may lead to system failure in the safety-critical systems.

 Explain one real example about a safety-critical system failure and explain the reasons

of the failure and its consequences, and what should have been done to avoid such


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