Rolex S.A.’s Strategic Choices

Assessment 2: Rolex S.A.’s Strategic Choices

Assessment question

As a consultant, you are required to prepare a Company Report to the New Executive Group at Rolex

?    Identify potential future strategic options available to the company

The group has just been appointed to lead the new direction of the company. Your report should use the content of the poster aroundstrategic position analysis of the company to explain and justify your recommendations

Task brief:

This assignment is in three parts; part (a), part (b) and part (c)

Part (a):

Identify the major strategic options facing Rolex S.A.


– You should make use of appropriate models and frameworks such as the strategy clock (eg:porter‘s generic strategies) and the And Asoff matrix in order to identify a range of plausible options

– You should add a reasonable amount of detail (strategy position), where now?) to these alternative options, and not just say, for example, “product development”.

– You should also take account of the need to explain the method by which the options would be achieved.

Part (b):

Evaluate the major strategic options facing the organisation


– SAFe (Suitable, Acceptable, Feasible,) framework is a good starting point to evaluate the options. You need to provide clear justifications for your analysis.

Suitability- key oppprtunities and constraints
Acceptability : stakehold  risk , return, stakerhold reaction
Feasibility: can it work?  eg finance resource , knowledge .skill ,technology .

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