Risk Management

Risk Management
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This is a risk register for a company named Du pont. According to the supervisor: ” you should research the company (Du Pont), and, in particular, find the annual report(s) – you need to find out their strategic aims and get familiar with the company activities (both what they do and where they do it).”
I will upload the assignment brief that shows the questions and the Marking criteria for the assignment. I will also upload last year work for a student that got high mark in it and we need to follow the same structure. and a risk register template. This is the course book so we need to use it as a reference: Hubbard, D.W., 2009, The failure of Risk Management: Why it’s broken and how to fix it 1st ed. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. Please this the most important coursework if you need anything do let me know.

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