right ventricular infarction and paramedic best practice

right ventricular infarction and paramedic best practice

The aim of this assignment is to deepen your learning about right ventricular infarction and its management by paramedics within the healthcare environment. My hope is that you get an idea of current controversies that the paramedic field is battling with, and learn to develop an understanding of how evidence is used to make (or sometimes not make!) guidelines. You will most likely see that no one service has exactly the right ‘recipe’ but there are many similarities, even between countries.
Part A (500 words)
Your first task is to study right ventricular infarction
Discuss right ventricular infarction in regards to pathopsyiology and identification.

Pathophysiology – Aetiology, signs and symptoms and risk factors
Diagnostic identification – Discuss the identification process of the disorder within the paramedic’s
environment. What ‘tools’ do we use and what challenges may make diagnosis difficult.
Part B (1000 words)
Discuss in detail the interventions available to paramedics that are used to manage and treat right ventricular infarction.
Look at the clinical procedures (or protocols) that states and territories use to manage this
complaint and discuss any differences that you may find. Compare this again to international paramedic best practice.
Why do you think there may be differences between countries or states?
Are these
big differences or small?
How are patients affected (or not)?
You may discuss in-hospital treatment within the continuum of care if this is relevant but don’t spend too much time on hospital treatment.

Your assignment should also examine best practice evidence to support or disclaim the use of these interventions. (Focus on prehospital care research and not in-hospital care for Part B)
Evidence can be found in emergency care journals, books and the internet.

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