resolving conflicts in the workplace in the USA

resolving conflicts in the workplace in the USA
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here is the outline that i want you to follow. you are free to use other sources.


A. Introduction

a) What is mediation? Why is mediation effective in resolving employment disputes?


C. Are only certain types of employment disputes suitable for mediation or should all disputes be subject to mediation?
Here, you can examine when there is a pure disciplinary issue v. when there is an accusation that the employee stole IP from the company.

D. Is there a right time to stop mediation and force litigation? How many attempts at mediation should be made? For example, if you have a repeated dispute with the same employee, should efforts be escalated to some other form of dispute resolution?

E. Should dispute resolution be a two-step process? That is, from mediation to arbitration?

F. Issues of Class-arbitration; to waive or not to waive? (this may be excluded because this is a topic by itself.)

Here are some additional resources:


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