Reserach Paper: Minimum Wage

Reserach Paper: Minimum Wage

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A project proposal is a genre of writing that typically consists of a brief description of and an introduction to a project. Specifically, in this project proposal, you are proposing a plan for your final research paper.
The proposal should be 2 good-sized paragraphs in this order, and a first draft of your bibliography:
1. Describe and map out your main research questions. What is the overarching argument you are making? Why does this argument matter? What is the context in which you are making this argument?
2. An explanation of how you will complete the project. What research will you have to do? What kinds of sources will you need, from what disciplines or debates? Name some specific authors and articles that will help you create your argument—who is saying what about this topic? Who are you debating with?
3. Bibliography, MLA, at least 7 sources by 2/25. Remember, any credible academic sources you read counts. Your final paper will have more!
To whom is this project proposal written? The audience for a project proposal is the reader who will determine whether or not the research project should be undertaken: Dr. Kate Boyd. This reader may be a professor, a research committee, a graduate degree committee, a funding agency, or the management of the company or agency for whom the researcher will conduct the study.
In what style should a project proposal be written? A formal style generally is preferred. More importantly, use active voice verbs and a writer’s voice that demonstrates confidence that the research has merit.
Please write a 1-2 page project proposal. Though you do not need to know exactly what your final paper will argue, in order to write your proposal you will need to do outside research that will begin to help shape your project proposal. In this sense, this paper is a well thought out and researched proposal of what you think your final paper will argue. In order to propose what you plan on writing, you must educate yourself on the topic so that you can propose a paper with a clear trajectory.
Your project proposal should be a typed double-spaces 1-2 page paper using 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font with proper headings and a bibliography, MLA.
Final Research Paper: What’s the New Cognition? Estrangement in Parable of the Sower
For your final paper, please select a novum that you find cognitively estranging in Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower. Write a 6-8 page double spaced 12pt font Times New Roman research paper that investigates the cognitively estranging effect of this “thing” you focus on, with attention to specifically what present day social norm, “truth,” and/or assumption this makes you think differently about. You will need to do outside research in order to critically generate a claim in your writing about the present day social norm you focus on, and the new cognition.
General outline and instruction for the Final Paper:
1) An introduction that outlines your claim for the entire paper—complete with stakes. This is the map for rest of the paper, this is where you paint a picture of the context of your argument. You might be continually revising this section as you write the rest of your paper—but know, this is the most important piece of the assignment. Take your time, this could be 2-3 paragraphs. Claims are not limited to one sentence!
2) In your own words, a definition of cognitive estrangement and why reading non-realist literature is good for thinking critically. This is part of the stakes of this assignment—or why your argument matters. This might just be a sentence or it could be a paragraph. You can borrow from your summaries!
3) Identify one novum. Avoid generalizing and stick to the text. You must cite passages, scenes, and/or specific quotes from the novel when you describe the novum. (#2 might come after #3, depend on your paper)
4) You should include an explanation of why, in your experience, you find this particular phenomenon cognitively estranging.
5) Name the assumption, norm, or familiar that the estrangement interrupts. Demonstrate that you understand what cognitive estrangement means and clearly detail how the estrangement works for you in particular.
6) Outside academic research that supports a critical reflection on how this estrangement makes you think differently about something in your everyday life that you might not normally question. This outside research should help you make a claim about a particular politics or controversy, a claim that matters! Your bibliography should have at least 10 academic sources to support your argument and to detail what the new cognition is for you on this particular issue. Use library resources to find 10 sources that help you develop your new cognition. Darko Suvin’s “Estrangement and Cognition” and Parable of the Sower count as two of these sources. Strong papers will probably have more than 10 sources. Everything you read to teach yourself the issue counts as research!
*Remember, you can work backwards. If you are passionate about an issue and want to work on it in my class, come see me and we will work it out!


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