research proposal on the dissertation topic”Transformational Leadership”

Topic: research proposal on the dissertation topic”Transformational Leadership”

Order Description
MA Programme Title: Education
Pathway: Leadership and Management (Investigating Education)

Assessment Requirements and Details:
“Research Proposal for the dissertation.
Dissertation topic: Transformational Leadership”.

There will be one written assignment of 5,000 words. The assignment is designed to produce a research proposal for an MA dissertation.

This should include:

The background to and rationale for the dissertation:
• Why you chose this topic (The topic is “Transformational Leadership”)
• Why it is important to study this topic?
• How will results be important/relevant to practice?

The research questions / hypotheses you will be investigating:
• Outline your research hypotheses and/or research questions
• Explain why you chose these questions or devised these hypotheses (more explanation should come in the following outline literature review section)

An outline of the literature you will draw on:?
• Give an outline of the literature on this topic; key findings and key studies that you will draw upon
• Highlight possible gaps in current research or knowledge in your context

An outline of the research design and the data collection methods you will use (this could include draft questionnaires etc.): Which methods you will be using on your research?
• Case study, action research, experimental…
• Qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods,
• What instruments (e.g. questionnaires, interviews, tests etc) and why you chose these
• Who you participants (sample) are and why

A discussion of the range of possible approaches to your topic and a justification for the approach adopted:
• How else could have answered the research questions and why did not choose an alternative approach
• Strengths and weaknesses of different research designs

A discussion of any possible problems with or limitations of the study:
• Consideration of ethical issues
A timescale:
• Plan of what is going to happen and when

A list of chapters for the thesis:
• Outline of chapter/section structure

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