Research Presentation

Select a topic of your choice from the list of research essay/seminar topics provided, please choose something
relevant in Canada You will prepare a presentation on your chosen topic using the Rogerian Method of
Argument. Your presentation must include the following:
• An introduction that contains the shared problem, an illustration of this problem as well as background
information, and a clear thesis stating your proposed solution to the problem.
• Explain what is agreed upon by examining the evidence and appeals you have found in your research as well
as a critical evaluation of this information.
• Explain where you differ; examine any opposition to your position or alternatives that exist plus evaluate what
drawbacks or limitations exist with these positions.
• Examine the drawbacks to your own argument as well as why these are not sufficient to dismiss your
• A conclusion with a shared solution. Ah, compromise…
• At least four (4) sources – these must be mentioned and referenced in your presentation. (i.e. According to
…). Must use both in-text citations and a list of references (in APA format)
• One (1) visual aid that is incorporated into your presentation (could create a PowerPoint, Prezi, website, blog,
video, or podcast).
• Upload your presentation (PowerPoint or a link to access your Prezi, website, blog, video, or podcast) in the
SLATE Assignment folder by your due date (see professor instructions on due dates)

Your grade will be assessed as follows:
Introduction: /5
• The shared problem is introduced
• An illustration of the problem is given
• Sufficient background information is provided in order to provide the context of the problem
• A precise and convincing thesis statement is given

• Covers what is agreed upon with an examination of evidence and appeals
• Examines any opposition to your own position or alternatives that exist
• Explains the drawbacks to your own argument as well as why these are not sufficient to dismiss your position
• 4 sources used and referred to in the presentation (must use in-text citations and references for all sources)
• A Reference List is provided at the end of the presentation

• Provides a brief summary of the key points of the presentation
• Provides a shared solution to the problem

Style and Visual Aid:
• Organization and flow of information- level of detail as a visual presentation
• Slides / Content must be clear and easy to read
• Visual aid is effectively used (PowerPoint, Prezi, Website, Blog, Video or Podcast)

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