This is the website for you can find an article””. This article topic about
“ Molecular Diagnostics”

1. At the top of the page, place the author, title, etc. of the article. It should be written as you would reference a scientific article or paper. The general format is listed in the formats below. Authors should be listed as in the example below. Abbreviations of the journal title should be the standard abbreviation used for that journal.
Smith, J.E. A comparison of RAST and skin testing for allergies. J. Immunology., 1981; 72: 176-92.
In listing the authors, do not use names just initials. The authors should be listed in the order in which they appear on the title page of the article. Also do not include any degrees or titles of the authors.
2. A paragraph summary of the article in your own words. Do not paraphrase the abstract or author’s summary. The summary should include the major points that the author has proven

3. A paragraph critical analysis of the article with a statement whether you think that the author’s conclusions are valid. The following questions should be answered:
A. Was the study designed to address the study question(s)?
B. How were the study and control groups assigned?
C. Were the results of both the study and control groups valid?
D. Were there an adequate number of controls and study individuals?
E. Were the controls appropriate as to age, sex, race etc.?

4. If you are critiquing a review article, state whether or not the topic was adequately discussed. You should provide specific examples.

5. When writing this critique, DO NOT writes in the first person. Most scientific writing is done in the third person

Can you please make sure follow all the instructions? Please give a good essay :). Please send the article you write because my instructor want it.Thank you.

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