reporting radiographer

reporting radiographer

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-it is very important to look to the guideline which is uploaded for you.

MSc Diagnostic Imaging: WBASIP

Presentation Guidance

Assessment Task
Consider your university & work based learning on this module related to the following themes:
•    Leadership / Advanced Practice
•    Safe/Effective Practice
•    Clinical Learning Environment
Select one of the above as a focus to explore and critically evaluate literature with relation to Diagnostic Imaging Practice. You should prepare a 15 minute talk using PowerPoint, with the target audience being your workplace peers. Relate your content to ensure you meet your own personal learning outcomes & needs as identified in your own  Learning Contract (e.g. team-working, communication, critical thinking)
NB. It is a requirement that this coursework will include evidence extracted from your portfolio which supports your analyses and evaluations.

The purpose of this assessment is to allow you an opportunity to provide evidence that you are able to achieve the following learning outcomes:
3. Compare, analyse and evaluate the rationale for different diagnostic imaging approaches to the management of patients.
4. Demonstrate a systematic, critically evaluative approach to a specialist area of practice.
6. Demonstrate a critically evaluative and applied knowledge and understanding of the clinical and/or technical principles that influence decision making in radiographic practices.
7. Contextualise your role and appraise their potential to influence and implement positive, evidence based change into improved outcomes.

Guidance notes
Microsoft Powerpoint must be used. Where literature is uses, referencing for this must be included in the notes section. A penalty will be applied for presentations that exceed the allocated time.
Marking Criteria:
Your ability to demonstrate critical awareness of the theme in relation to practice, alongside your skills & ability as a presenter will be considered in the marking of this component. You must demonstrate not only knowledge and understanding of the underpinning literature but also show the application of this to your professional background. Feedback will be given electronically on Turnitin and grading will be undertaking using the relation to the following areas:
Presentation skills
Presentation construction
Content in relation to theme
Content in relation to professional background & practice
Understanding & application of literature
Linking of content to own personal learning
NB: A penalty will be awarded for failure to maintain anonymity & confidentiality of persons/institutions involved; this will be dependent on the degree of infringement.

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