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Scenario: You are the owner of a boutique marketing consultancy business – specialising in franchising. One of your clients has expressed his/her intent on becoming a franchise owner [franchisee] of an outlet in a proven franchise chain [note: for the purposes of this assignment you can select from Jetts 24hr Fitness, Curves, Cartridge World, Clarke Rubber, Sumo Salad, Boost Juice, Gloria Jeans, Zarraffa’s Coffee [drive-thru], Brumby’s Bakery, Jesters Pies, Salsa’s Fresh Mex, Guzman & Gomez, Crust Pizza …… or any other franchise chain approved by the lecturer]. Generally, a new outlet is viewed as riskier than an existing outlet [as less is known], however, your client has expressed an interest in a new franchise. A new outlet provides the opportunity for greater returns if good strategic decisions are made. Whilst your client cannot alter some of the product components of the franchisor they are able to select the location for this new outlet, make adjustments to the ‘total product’ to appeal more directly to the target market in this new location and come up with their own store opening marketing communications plan.
Your client has provided you with some parts of the ‘franchisee pack’* including the ‘pro-forma’ financials and other key information for an average outlet in that franchise chain. Your client’s financial objective is to outperform the chain’s average outlet’s sales performance by 25% in year 1. Your client knows you are an expert in achieving the three financial objectives of marketing [increasing sales revenue, reducing costs as a percentage of sales and increasing the value of the business] and thus is seeking your advice in beginning their quest.
* to be provided in the Ass2 briefing in week 5.

Task: You have been commissioned to produce a report which involves identifying and analysing the situational factors- Customer, Organisation, Market & Product characteristics [COMP] that need to be considered [this may include PEST-C and SWOT. Following this you are then required to make strategic and then tactical recommendations to assist your client to achieve their financial objectives [outperform the average store’s sales by 25% in year 1].
These recommendations are to cover:
Target markets: Primary and Secondary targets
Location: the actual location you recommend for this new outlet
Customisation of the ‘Total Product’: given the above, the various adjustments and augmentations you suggest are made to the franchisors standard product offering to ‘better’ meet the needs of the target market in this location.
Launch Communications Plan: a bullet point communications launch plan for the first 100 days [budget $50000]. This plan recognising that for a new outlet ‘priming the pump’ of the sales pipeline by attracting lots of ‘first time’ customers is a key task. Note-this is in addition to the campaigns provided by the franchisor’s external communications efforts for the whole chain.
Estimated Outcomes:
As the client is aware that sales, profits and business value are often inter-related –they also want you to estimate the increase in the value of their business at the end of year 1 should the objective to achieve sales revenue of 25% above average be achieved and the other variables be kept consistent with those provided in the ‘franchisee pack’.

Details: The submitted document should be 3750 words [+- 10%] (excluding references, contents page, cover page and appendices) in length (12 Times, 1.25 spacing). The report must be suitably referenced and may include photographs, maps, tables, diagrams, illustrations to highlight learning.*

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