Relationships Chart

Evaluating the expert research, describe the effect each relationship might have on the emotional well-being of an individual. Bullet points are preferred over paragraphs, 25-50 words per box should suffice. Use at least THREE academic sources. Include the APA citation within your chart (at least one per row, and some may be repeated) and full references at the end. Your textbook counts as an expert source. Information must be unbiased and relatively current. Once completed, you will answer the follow-up question below.
Relationship Two Potential Advantages
(e.g., positive impact on financial, physical, mental, and/or emotional well-being) Two Potential Disadvantages
(e.g., negative impact on financial, physical, mental, and/or emotional well-being) Two techniques/resources to facilitate relationship success and improve well-being
(e.g., social support, friendships, communication, behavioral techniques)
(heterosexual or homosexual)
Cohabitation (unmarried)
Remaining Single
Single Parent
Remarriage with children (blended family)
Caring for an ill parent
Choose one from list below
Choose one from list below
Choose two more relationships from the list below (or devise your own). Replace your choices with the red text and complete each row of boxes.
• Divorced with children
• Child moving out for college
• Adopting a child
• Fostering a child
• Two working parents
• Grandparenting
In 150-300 words:
• Explain some of your biggest insights from this research activity.
• How might this information guide your relationship decision making and/or counsel of future clients? You might discuss some “techniques” or practices that overlapped between rows.
• How would you define a “healthy” relationship?
• Speak with someone who has been in a healthy long-term partnership for at least 5 years. What do they attribute the success to? How their response(s) line up with the expert advice in the above chart? Explain.

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