Relational Development Challenges

Part I-In 500-750 words, analyze a dark side communication or conflict challenge people experience in the development of relationships, using interpersonal communication theories related to dark side communication and conflict (e.g., deception, verbal aggression, stalking, hurtful messages, betrayal, defensiveness, negative conflict spirals). (C. 1.2)

Part II-In 500-750 words, explain how the challenges described in Part 1 are experienced differently in two different relational types (e.g., family relationships versus friendships or romance versus workplace relationships).

Part III-In 500-750 words, compare and contrast interpersonal theoretical explanations of these relational challenges with Christian worldview explanations. (C.1.4)

You need to have a minimum of nine academic sources (three for each section).

Prepare it according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

Describe how interpersonal communication theories explain human interaction.

Compare and contrast interpersonal theoretical explanations of human interaction with Christian worldview explanations.

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