Reimbursement strategies for emergency medical services (EMS) agencies.

We talked about the different reimbursement strategies for emergency medical services (EMS) agencies. Your assignment for this unit is to write an essay comparing reimbursement models and opportunities for two different EMS agencies in your area. If you work for an agency that provides an EMS service model, it can be one of the agencies in your essay. Choose one for-profit agency and one nonprofit agency, and describe reimbursement methods for each agency. For example, you can choose third service (owned and operated by a government entity), fire department-based (public or private), hospital-based, or public utility model agencies. Include the components listed below in your essay.

Include an introduction where you describe each of the two agencies in your area.
Discuss the community demographics that are served by each agency.
Examine reimbursement options for both agencies.
Conclude your essay with recommendations for how both agencies could receive additional funding. If you were tasked with evaluating the revenue of each organization, what methods would you recommend for generating new revenue?

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