Regression Analysis

Topic: Regression Analysis

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You are going to run a regression and analyze it. Tell me the story. It should be a ONE or TWO-page narrative. (That does not include the data output or the graphs/charts).

A topic that YOU CHOOSE which you think will make sense

You should answer these questions intelligently. A good answer for each of these parts = 1%. If you missed it completely or if the answer doesn’t make sense, you don’t get points for that part. (This is a rule of thumb. Like number 10 is a must, you need to submit the actual data with your analysis).

Include this in the two page report

1. Why did you choose this topic? What are you trying to find out?
2. What you think the model will predict. (What do you expect the “b” values for each variable to be? (positive? Negative? Why?)
3. What are the coefficient parameters (b’s) and what do they mean?
4. Which of these coefficient parameters are individually significant? Are they economically significant?
5. How well do the predictor variables explain the dependent variable?
6. Is the model significant as a whole? How do you know?
7. Did the model and the signs and values of the parameter agree with your prediction? If no, why do you think it didn’t? (was there perhaps a violation of the 5 assumptions?)
8. How do you think you might improve your model? Be specific. If you were to add another variable in there, which one would it be and why?
9. How do you think you might improve your research next time?
10. Submit the actual data set as well (and tell me the link where you got the data)

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