Region: The Amazon Rainforest

i) Where is your region located? What is the climate there? What is(are) the dominant vegetation/ecosystem(s)? How many people live there? What are the living standards like? Is water available/plentiful? What’s the economy/development status? What is the history of human settlement in your region? What are some of the current and future challenges your region faces.

ii) what types of species live there? Are any of them endangered? If so, why/how? Is there anything unique about them?

iii) what types of ecosystem services does your region provide? Is there a $ amount to them?

iv) Which of the agents of global change you have learned about throughout this course affect your region? How is your region affected by them (e.g. in terms of ecosystem services, native species, ecosystem function)?

v) specifically, how is climate change affecting or projected to affect your region? (you may have answered this above but if you haven’t you will need to think about it for your region).

vi) what are some management/mitigation/adaptation strategies to conserve species or protect/restore ecological or natural processes affected by global change in your region?

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