Reflective Post #6

Reflective Post #6

Beth Finke came in with her guide dog, Whitney, to speak this week. Next week we will continue looking at different working roles for dogs in this country and around the world. Tom and Harriett will come in with their therapy dogs and Officer Chew will come in with his police dog, Zuri. For this post, you will examine several other ways in which dogs help aid humans. They do this as therapy, assistance/service, and working dogs.

After examining the materials provided below, answer the questions below. Your post should contain high quality, thoughtful answers and be free of major grammatical and spelling errors. Be sure to address all questions posed to you in your post in complete sentences.

You post should be at least 350 words total in length. (2 pages is 550 words so I only paid 1 page, please just give me as much as u can, thanks!)

Please watch the following video covering the training and use of dogs for the military, an example of a working dog.

1. What were two specifically trained tasks for military dogs you saw featured in this video? (2 points)

2. What makes a dog’s sense of smell so unique compared to that of a human according to the military dog trainer featured in the video (you may use his analogy to better explain the difference as well)? (2 points)

3. Was there anything particularly surprising or shocking about the use, training, or raising of dogs for military use? Please describe this and why it surprised you. Be sure to use a specific example from the video. (2 points)

Please watch the following videos of some of the nominees for an annual Hero Dog award given by the American Humane Association to see some other working roles. Answer the associated questions;

Arson Dog:

4. What behavioral issue did Glory develop that made her unable to do assistance dog work, but made her a great arson dog? What does she search for at the scene? What does she do when she finds this to alert her handler? (3 points)

Law Enforcement Dog:

5. Why are law enforcement dogs, like Dax, difficult to handle and control when they’re first brought into the police program (before training)? What was the situation that led Dax to be nominated for the Hero Dog award? What was the outcome of this specific situation for Dax, the officer, and the suspect? What was the intent of the suspect at this time? (3 points)

Search and Rescue Dogs:

6. Don’t forget we also talked about Search and Rescue dogs earlier in the course. What type of search and rescue work does Glory and her handler do? How many searches has Glory been involved with since 2007? (2 points)

Service Dog:

7. What issues and symptoms did Jason deal with after returning from service in the military? Where does the organization K9s for Warriors obtain their dogs used for service work? What are the tasks that Axel is trained to perform for Jason that helps provide him with support and security in life? (3 points)

Hearing Dog (another type of service dog):

8. What was Chara specifically trained to do as a hearing alert or signal dog? What skills did Chara basically teach herself to do for her handler? In addition to these things, what did Chara do to help save the life of her handler’s young son? (3 points)

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