reflection paper about Case Analysis Capstone

reflection paper about Case Analysis Capstone
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this paper is a part of my portfolio. the course is Case Analysis Capstone, please write a paper reflection about what I did in class such as weekly group work and discussion to reach this Goal : Demonstrate knowledge of organizations, including fiduciary matters, as related to communication and information analysis, design, implementation, evaluation, and management.

there what i did
Week 1 Discussion Forum Two: Leadership Styles – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
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Read the “Bill Gates and Steve Jobs” Case.

The “Bill Gates and Steve Jobs” case interweaves the stories of two of the most iconic entrepreneurs of the last forty years. Both were born in 1955 and started their respective companies (Microsoft and Apple) in 1975. The case includes biographical information on some of their formative experiences and the individuals who influenced their leadership styles and approaches to business. On several levels, their stories are very similar but in other ways they were very different. In this discussion you should explore their leadership styles and whenever possible make relationships between leadership and their respective uses of rhetorical strategy to lead their companies. You might review the readings by Tony Golsby-Smith and Jay A. Conger, in particular, for this discussion.

Write up your answers to each of the three questions before you engage in the discussion with your classmates. Be sure to organize and edit your commentary, supply support for your generalizations, and correct grammar and usage. Answers need not be lengthy, but say enough to make your points and give us an organizational structure so we can follow what you are addressing.

Question #1: Compare and contrast Gates’ and Jobs’ visions, leadership styles, management approaches, and uses of strategy to build their companies. Did they use rhetorical theory in practice and how?

Question #2: How have Gates and Jobs shaped technology? How has technology shaped them and their companies?

Question #3: Between Gates and Jobs who do you believe is the more effective leader?

Writing Assignment on Hammermill Case
Part 1
The Hammermill Paper Company experienced significant business growth, as construct that influenced the manager to come up with a centralized organizational structure aimed at managing complexity and improving communication within the entire firm (Power, 2004). The decision reached by the organizational leaders; President and CEO Albert F. Duval and executive vice president Donald S. Leslie made the decision to institute a highly formalized planning process. It was a decision made in an attempt to improve performance measures for each division. More so, it was towards sustaining the firm’s expansion and prosperity strategies (Power, 2004). The decision also entailed making the different divisions and their managers adhere to a centralized hierarchy where all divisions were no longer autonomous. This meant that budget planning and decision-making was to be made by the two leaders. The established decisions would then be communicated downwards to division heads and managers in the lower ranks (Power, 2004).
One of the challenges noted was that the strategy would influence unprofessionalism. Some of the division head and managers would find themselves in positions where they were compelled to execute task outside their professional field. In such, they would have had to contend with working in an organization with a significant extensive corporate structure, where lack of experience among most of them would have created working tension.
Part 2
The decisions reached at by the two leaders were indeed prudent given that the company was witnessing progressive growth. The different divisions based on location were also expanding at different rates. Having a fully formalized planning process would enable the different divisions work towards shared goals of the parent company (Power, 2004). Such that a common logistics process would be implemented to ensure no customer failed to receive products demanded. However, soon after making the decision, Duval and Leslie should have looked to consolidate the human resource function. This would have allowed for training to be accorded considering the different attributes of division heads and managers. Rather than offering a direct communication that could have served to derail operations, such should have been delegated to the HR function.

Power D. J. (2004). Decision Support Systems: Frequently Asked Questions. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse.
Writing Assignment — Metabical: Positioning and Communications Strategy
Obesity Pandemic 65% is overweight that is why many people think to make drug to solve this problem. Metabical is the only weight loss drug with FDA approval that is also proven to be effective for moderately overweight people. A new product must develop the positioning strategy and marketing communications plan in preparation for the launch of the new drug. Printup must look for the consumer decision-making process and the interaction between the consumer who purchases the drug and the health care provider who prescribes the medication. it is important to analyze market research data and consider the optimal positioning strategy and marketing communications program.
There are the pros and cons of the forecasting methods presented by Printup. the first Pros Forecasting Method are the Method is very structured, and the whole over-weight will market and considered in the forecast with very little data is addition, Most data is form research. on the other hand the first Cons Forecasting Method are considering it is the first kind, the full value is not being lasting, the estimate is prevalence very fair. It is hard to predict the behaviour of such a broad segment of customers; many people will not accept this as easily by the low-income groups and hard to create a brand across demographics
In addition, the second pros forecasting Method are the Method is aggressively priced and estimated, the uniqueness of the product and create an image of uniqueness and something outstanding. On the other hand, the second Cons Forecasting Method is may not be able to meet forecasted results and it is hard to predict the behavior of such a broad segment of customers.
Furthermore, the third pros Forecasting Method are the Method is aimed at a particular segment i.e. women above 35, aggressively priced, but portrayed as a niche brand and a clear picture of the market they are targeting and attractive pricing in relation to the benefits the product. On the other hand, the third Cons Forecasting Method is failure as it is being promoted as a niche product and gender bias may mean loss.
It can be bought only through a prescription because it has lesser negative effects as other available drugs. Only 1 tablet per day is easy to attract customer because it is not hard to do it. It makes your life healthier and become more confident when use this drug. The cause study is priority Overweight females (BMI 25-30) and age group of 35-65 years. In addition, Income level of $50,000 – $80,000. All customers expect College-educated .The group of women wanted to lose 10- 30 pounds. All this women want to change their life.
”To decide the best positioning strategy and marketing communication plan, CSP had spent so much time and money in R&D and on FDA trials for Metabical. Printup was well aware that in order to recoup this massive investment, the drug need not only a successful launch, but also long term, steady demand. If Metabical were not successful with initial consumers, credibility of the drug would be in question and FDA approval would mean little. Printup still needed to flesh out the optimal segmentation, targeting and positioning of the drug, Then she could move on to assessing her current marketing 2”(Eleodora Lima, 2012)
First of all, communications strategy and a timeline for the key activities are so important. first, I have to analyzing and deciding who is their target consumer as we know in the U.S specifically has a lot of people have obese and overweight and there approximately 65% of the adult population classified as overweight. It is leading to serious diseases such as heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and laziness. People who overweight feel they are social outcasts and they could also be negatively affected and it effect on hiring decisions, wages, and promotions. This drug protect against health risks and death.
In this case I suggest using the five forces approach which is Supplier Power: it is easy for suppliers to drive up prices.
Buyer Power: there are many people will buy this product
Competitive Rivalry: where there were only a few drugs available
Threat of Substitution: Metabical was a unique product, which was focused on a particular market, the overweight segment. It was the first of its kind and had that advantage.
Threat of New Entry: there are a few threat of new entry because where there were only a few drugs available.

Who will use this package and how many times to reach what customer need. I think a 4-week or 6-week supply will be ideal. On the other hand, I recommend the financial calculations indicate that pricing the product at $125 or $150.
There are advantages of this drug because there is freedom to set the price to keep the uniqueness of the product. It could set the price relatively high without it affecting on demand because overweight consumers are willing to pay to be on health care. In addition, high demand at high price that means the brand image in the market will be look like high quality.
There are disadvantages of pricing and monopoly because it is prone to competition. in addition, Higher price might lead to lower demand because many competitor enters the market. Even if assuming customer preference does not change over 5 years. Demand could go down after 5 years.

John. A ( 2010) Metaoval: Positioning and Communications Strategy for a New Weight- Loss Drug
John. A ( 2010) Metabical: Pricing packaging, and demand forecasting for a New Weight- Loss Drug
Eleodora Lima,( 2012), 76292348 Metabical-Report
Partners HealthCare System
The problem is increased death rates in the United States although the increase in the healthcare expenditures in the United States due to preventable errors in the delivery of health services. Some have argued that the US healthcare needs a system which can allow physicians to treat its patients faster with minimal errors. On the other hand, done the implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) can easily reduce the mistakes which are performed during the treatment of a patient.
They do not have ability to the latest technology; they also lacked the basic infrastructure or resources to finance this implementation such as doctor and improvement system. Then, they have the lack of support and after implementation maintenance was another problem. Furthermore, weaken their ability to pursue new treatment techniques and methods. They spend a lot of many this reflects the practitioner’s inability to be in a right side. In addition, the cost of implementing is the module. As calculated through the case study, the cost to implement was $40,000 per doctor, hence, making it hard for a primary physician to afford its integration. Moreover, it a menace to the current practices that hurt their profits later.
It is not established workforce in its ability to use the advanced technology and was unprepared to this type of system. As they write prescriptions manually, hence they cannot accept this new mode of data to assist them to solve many problems. They need a network to access a patient’s complete record, ensuring accurate, timely, and all information about patient’s medical history, allergies, and current treatments. In this case, it will reduce the cost.
”This organization could have saved itself a lot of money and increase its chances of success by asking people from the organization to design the program. If you are trying to create an innovative culture and need the enthusiasm and support of all your folks, it only makes sense to involve those very same people in figuring out how to go about changing things. If you want to create an innovative workplace, you’ve got to go about it in an innovative way. If you want to create an organization where everyone participates, you’ve got to figure out how to do it by getting people involved. The approach should model the desired outcomes.”(Chris)
It is important to do the health care research agenda. Patient and family can enhance patient safety research by build important topics and helping to define research questions and methods. Moreover, their participation is important if we are wanting to effective decision making, improving communication, the relationship between patient experience and patient safety.

Enabling Business Strategy with IT at the World Bank
“The Strategic Compact: Renewing the Bank’s Effectiveness to Fight Poverty,”
CIO Mohamed Muhsin focusing around the two key questions: Now that we have the foundation in place, how can IT help the core business serve our clients better? How do we measure and communicate the value that IT contributes to the business?
IT is powerful to access to knowledge and a crucial factor for development.IT assist you to be a good competitive and faster growth which led to the development and poverty reduction.
”By 2003, this vision became reality as client countries wanted to work with the Bank as much for its development knowledge (e.g., the expertise of specialized staff skills and ability to transfer learning and experience from projects in one part of the world to another) as for its money and financing. In 1980, 21% of the Bank’s lending went toward the construction of power projects. By 2003, that had fallen closer to 7%. In the same period, social services lending (health, nutrition, social safety nets) grew from 5% to 22%. Knowledge was becoming more critical than physical development.”
When Muhsin became CIO, high-priority IT issues included and building a foundation for global knowledge sharing which cost a lot but it have an impact on long-term. It is important to establish a robust knowledge-management system to growth the knowledge in The Bank. By sharing knowledge the bank will be increased competitive advantage and continuous innovation. Technology and business require sharing because it needs accelerating change. The networks were created to share knowledge in different regions. Modern communication tools make knowledge sharing easy and effective to improve the assistance provided of Bank. In addition, Knowledge sharing through networks is meet customer needs and makes it easier for the employee to do work in the fullest. By consistently supported the budget for IT has helped to maintaining it a long years. Disseminating the lessons of development is a strong factor in its success.
Table B details the annual operating cost of $12.3 million

Implementation of the idea for the network was a critical lever in transforming the organization, its implementation and it continued the annual investments to ensure the quality of performance. The Bank had invested $4 million a year since 1997 on development and upgrades to the global communications network that mean it is success.

Using technology provides communication between employees, which have many benefits in terms of cost, productivity, also is an instrument for dialogue with the clients. Technology will help to controls in remote offices and to use staff more productively for value-added work.
naw there are grop work and project

McDonald’s Corporation was created

To be the best & leading fast food providers around the globe
To be the world’s best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile.”
Our values summarized in “Q.S.C & V. Provide good quality, services to customer. Have cleanliness environment when customer enjoys their meal. The value of food product makes every customer is smiling.

Hamburgers, cheese French fries, soft drinks salads and vegetarian, wraps On a seasonal basis, McDonald’s offers the McRib sandwich.

Product history
1949-World famous French fries replace potato chips on the McDonald’s Menu. Triple thick milkshakes also make their debut. 1968 Big Mac introduced 1975 The Egg Mcmuffin 1979 happy meals are introduced to the national menu featuring a circus wagon theme. 2000 Fruit n Yogart Parfait introduced. 2001 Big N Tasty introduced. 2006 Snack Wrap Introduced-Grilled & crispy Snack Wraps are introduced in the U.S.
Problem with low sale
Not fresh
Not healthy – high calories – not easily digested
People started to question the resources of their food
Documentaries were created discussing its side effects
Societies partially blamed them for the obesity problem

The results of that problem…
A lot of branches going to close .
Lots of employee going to lost their job.
More than 85% of the employees in the world going to paid less than the legal wages.
The meal price going to increase.
Diseases will be increase in different nations

The loan considered by the world bank
Macdonald’s required two hundreds million in order to:
Open new branches around the world
Increase employees salary
Create new healthy meals
Keep the same old price

If they did not get the loan
The whole company will collapse
They will have bad reputation
They will fair the employee
They will use cheap marital
A lots of employee going to be looking for new job, even though, in these days there are no jobs.
The American economy going to fall

Q3/ Between Gates and Jobs who do you believe is the more effective leader?

Innovation distinguishes between the leader and the follower”- Deutschman, 2001. – This quotation is the key to the leadership style of Steve lobs; he has made innovations accessible to the customers so that they keep opening their wallets. (ICFAI, 2006).

One of the peculiarities of Job’s leadership style is that he sees the core company’s activity through the marketing prism.

Jobs was able to reconstruct the company and return it to the normal performance through the development of new products and making them popular among consumers.
Like a Transformational Leader, he focuses on “Transforming” others to help each other to be encouraging and harmonious, and to look out for the organizations a whole.
His leadership creates valuable and positive change in the followers.
In his leadership he enhances the motivation performance of his followers group, some people also categorize him as a CharismaticLeader.
Steve Jobs was an unconventional Leader His management style wasn’t the stuff of university Textbooks, he wasn’t known for his consultative or consensus building approach.

He was a “High maintenance co-worker who demanded excellence from his stuff and was known for his blunt delivery of criticism.
It was his sheer genius combined with his ability to articulate his vision and bring stuff, investor and customers along on the journey: plus the lessons learned in a major career setback that made it work. The results indisputable.
Though there’s no doubt about Jobs’ innovative skills, there is doubt about his ability to manage a company.
Jobs was still an effective CEO because of his outstanding vision and leadership, but he could have learned something from Mr. Gates and Mr. Lafley about managing people.

Jobs would return to a near-dead Apple as CEO, and build it into one of the most valuable companies on the planet with a market cap today near a half trillion dollars.
Jobs would launch the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad.
Jobs was the technical genius responsible for translating Jobs’ visionary ideas into reality by applying his, well, technical expertise.
Apple has become a company that is too preoccupied with management and groups rather than great new products

MB Fashion Corporation
“our goal is to provide outstanding service every day, one customer at a time and to be the best retailer with the ability to see opportunity on the horizon and have a clear path for capitalizing on it. To do so, we are moving faster than ever before, employing more technology and concentrating our resources on those elements most important to our core customers. “
To provide a useful perspective on knowing and learning.
To develop a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems—in short a shared practice.
To identity defined by a shared domain of interest.
Members engage in joint activities and discussions, help each other, and share information.

Growing the COP
We will use these success measures:
1. Monitor the health of the group- see that it’s members are increasing in number.
2. Determine the volume of information being exchanged and also growing in terms of organizational education.
3. See if the scope of the COP is moving beyond the boundary of the company- it may become global in nature.

The lifecycle phases include:
Inquire: Through a process of exploration and inquiry, identify the audience, purpose, goals and vision for the community
Design: Define the activities, technologies, group processes, and roles that will support the community’s goals.
Prototype: Pilot the community with a select group of key stakeholders to gain commitment test assumptions, refine the strategy, and establish a success story

Launch: Roll out the community to a broader audience over a period of time in ways that engage newcomers and deliver immediate benefits
Grow: Engage members in collaborative learning and knowledge sharing activities, group projects, and networking events that meet individual, group, and organizational goals while creating an increasing cycle of participation and contribution.
Sustain: Cultivate and the knowledge and “products” by the communty to inform new strategies, goals, activities, roles, technologies, and business models for the future

We are going to use the 4p’s .
1 . Place
We will go into malls in both large and small cities to study what the competition is selling and how they stage their merchandise.
2. Price .
We will study the pricing structures used by our competition and perform some analysis on the trends- such as- do they offer sales at certain times of the year?.
3. promotion
We will study the rewards systems used by our competition and find something unique and different we could offer to generate more customer volume.
4. Product
We will look into the product lines offered by our competition and also- any social media opinions that may be posted regarding both our products and the competition. Our COP will then take that information and decide if any product changes in design or offerings must be made.

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